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Leaders never stop learning

SelectLeaders offers you Personalized one-on-one Career Coaching from a leader in Career Management Solutions, Korn Ferry Advanced. Curious where you could or should take your career? Have a plan but need help executing it? We thrive when someone's spurring us on and understands what it takes to make it.

Your personal coach, an expert with a 98% satisfaction rating is there to be your accountability partner, a sounding board for ideas big or small to empower your career growth or to help you make a change.

  • Start by filling out your Career Profile and a Free Assessment which will show you your strengths and will show you areas which may need focus. Learn the characteristics of the most successful people in your target role.

Ready to sign up for a Career Coach?

Pricing is $49/month and you can cancel at any time. In addition to an expert coach (a real person) just look at the technology you’ll have available:

  • AI-powered app: Practice answering common interview questions and master your communication skills on your phone. You’ll get instant feed back so you present yourself in the best possible light and nail that interview! Interviewing is a skill.
  • Resume parsing technology: See your resume through the same resume parsing technology that companies and recruiting firms use so you see your resume the way they see it. And, see what is missing. Don’t be surprised if your name or even your contact information is missing.
  • 24/7 chat support: Get your questions answered by our career care team anytime.

$49/month could land that job. Cancel any time.

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